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Quarter 3: Estimated Payments are due September 16th

Q3 Estimated Tax Payments are due Sept. 16th

Your friends at Jones Tax wanted to remind you that Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments for Q3 are due Monday, September 16th. 

If you plan to make timely payment and wanted a little guidance, keep reading! 

How to make your IRS payment?

We recommend paying online, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit:

  2. Choose Direct Pay with Bank. (For credit card payments, additional processing fees apply)

  3. Choose Make a Payment

  4. Reason for Payment: Estimated Tax

  5. Apply Payment To: 1040ES

  6. Tax Period for Payment: 2019

  7. Verification steps: Refer to your previous year’s tax return and the information entered must match exactly as the return when you filed with the IRS. If you moved, use the address you have on the filed tax return. Also, if you filed your street “Ave” vs “Avenue”; for IRS verification purposes use “Ave.”

Reach out to your team if you have any questions at

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